NEW! Now we even have plots for our fake movies!! Woohoo!
(This feature is still under construction)

Do you ever wish you had the time, money and patience to become an Italian Suspense Movie Guru? Just like... er, just like, say, Of course you do!

Well, fear no more that you will be left out when genre fans start referring to films you've never heard of, let alone seen. You no longer need a bottomless bank account, contacts at several dozen questionable bootleg video sources, a PAL/SECAM video setup, or fifty hours a week to devote to watching the damn things! You don't even need a working knowledge of Italian!!! You've got the new Giallo Generator, a miracle of modern technology that allows you to keep up with pretentious genre critics in your spare time!

Now, when you're at a convention, or a Friday night bad movie fest, and someone insists on , you can come right back at him with a movie he's guaranteed not to know!!