Godzilla vs. Mechabarney
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Godzilla vs.

Godzilla vs. Mechabarney begins with Godzilla becoming despondent over Minilla. It seems Junior would rather watch "Barney and Friends" than prepare for his Bar Mitzvah. Enraged, The Big G stomps in and fries Barney with his atomic breath.
        The world is about to heave a sigh of relief, when suddenly strange alien creatures arrive. These aliens have brightly colored skins and antennae on top of their heads. They communicate through their own alien language, and also by video screens in their abdomens. At first, these creatures seem to be benign, bringing messages of love and peace from the untold depths of space.
        However, the ubiquitous psychic Miki Saegusa picks up a disturbing problem with the aliens' thought patterns: they don't have any. Their master plan is to rid television of all content which isn't appropriate for viewers under the age of one… including rubber-suit monster movie violence. They intend to realize this ambitious goal By Any Means Necessary, even by inflicting a little mindless violence of their own. Their secret weapon: MechaBarney.
        Naturally, the reappearance of his arch-enemy causes Godzilla to awaken. Much architecture is flattened as usual, until the wounded MechaBarney is called away by the aliens to their secret base. They want to resuscitate him, to send him out "again - again"… but not if Godzilla gets there first!

Godzilla is a trademark of Toho Co., Ltd. TeleTubbies are a Ragdoll production for the BBC. Barney is a trademark of the Satanic Conspiracy for World Domination, Ha Ha Haaaaa.